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None of course

So...nearing September 18th. For many of you, it will be just a normal day. But on that day, I'll never look the same. I've been waiting to get this operation done with for almost 18 years now...And now that it's so close, I almost feel like I'm saying goodbye. In a way, I am. But I will always be me no matter what I look like, so I guess that's all that counts. So, I'm saying goodbye to the old, and welcoming the new. I just hope everyone's okay with it like they say they are.

What's In A Subject?

Okay, so. Finally in a better mood. There is not much to update on, except that I upgraded my computer. I lost most of my documents from not backing my shit up like an idiot, but that's...beside the point, really. My sister is getting her income check soon, and we all know what it's going into--for those  of you poor, unfortunate few that I have not shut the fuck up about for weeks--going to a Anime Convention in Indianapolis. My favorite english voice actor will be there, so I am hoping I'll be able to meet him. Sadly to say, I've dragged my niece into the world that is anime. Of course her mother resents us for that, but it was pretty much inevitable. We've been nerds for a pretty long while, and no, I am not afraid to admit that. I hope April drags out as much as it can this year. I am not looking forwards to May.

Not much

Not much is going on. The worst holiday on earth has now passed, and am I ever grateful for that. Damn V-Day and it's lovesick idiots. I've decided what I'll go into in college, and as soon as I get enough money from it, I'm moving out. I can't really say that I like it here. I might stay in Indiana for the sake of my family, but if it wasn't up to that, I'd surely move out of the state. Maybe move down south again. I don't know.

My niece is going to start Kindergarden this year. She's currently in Pre-K, and I'm happy that she's only gotten into a fight once. (It was just over her favorite stuffed dog that she drags everywhere!) It's safe to say, that she isn't allowed to take anymore toys to school.

That's really all I have to update, so I'll leave all of you alone.


Things aren't ever going to look up. I wonder how much bus tickets cost. Everyone thinks my twin sister is chemically imbalanced because she's not sad about the possibility of our grandmother dieing. Does that mean I am too? I don't feel that sad. But then again, I never have been one to show much in the sad department. My sister's got a job at McDonalds, and she's planning on returning to school. Yeah, a lot of luck with that. It's something she's been saying for a while now.

I have my reasons for leaving school. But at least I know what I'm going to do with my life and I'm currently working on making it there. I don't know if Computer Graphic Designing is the right job for me, but according to my current abilities, everyone says it's what I should go into.

How hard is it to put the same person in six different poses in the same picture? Everyone thought it was some huge thing, but most people my age can do that kind of thing and more. Anyways, I have a lot to do this week, so I'll leave it alone for now.


Well, I can't really say whether I'll enjoy this year or not. Sure, I'm in the spirit. But so much shit is going on. I don't really feel happy with my sister's husband here... (Truth is, I really don't like the guy.) My niece found out what Santa brought her, but luckily, we fabricated a lie just before she could say that Santa wasn't real. Well...I was hoping for a fight-free Christmas, but I guess that's never going to happen. But then again, when does anything ever go smoothly?


So, many people may not see this updated very often. I'm too absorbed with getting my stories and art done for the holidays. So my operation went well, but now I have four slices in my stomach. Damn it. But I am putting this link where you people can find me, but don't message me unless it's important. As in, if you have any questions.

In other news, anyone whose going to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, please let me know how it goes...I try to avoid going to movies nowadays. And I may be putting some of my upcoming stories up here, but that all depends on what you guys want. Just don't be expecting me to put any of my more mature content here. That stays where it is.

My family seems to thrive on drama, and it's starting to bug the shit out of me. I wish sometimes that I could leave. But you know, that's not going to happen. Well, even if some of you don't celebrate the holidays, I wish you the best anyway.

And some of you should definitely check out Winds of Water on Fanfiction.Net. Her new story Circa 1950 just got put up, and she recently finished Shifting the Sands. The Halloween special to Circa 1950 was really cute, and I really enjoyed it.

Writer's Block: Checklist for Eternity

If you could live forever how would you spend your time?
I'd be looking for cures that people don't have time for.